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Chasing the Eclipse: What's in Store for Milton on April 8th?

Disclaimer: The details are taken from the Milton Villager Facebook group and shared by Rick Di Lorenzo.

Has anyone in Milton figured out their plans for April 8th yet? It looks like most schools will be closed that day due to a partial solar eclipse. In Milton, we won't experience a "Total" Solar Eclipse, just a partial one since we're right outside the path. This is a rare event, and it's the first chance to witness a total eclipse in over 45 years – likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many.

We were thinking about heading out early in the day to a small town near Niagara Falls. Maybe grab lunch there and simply watch the eclipse from a parking lot, making sure to use protective eyewear.

Although a small part of Oakville and most of Hamilton will be in the eclipse's path, it's only for a brief period since they're on the edges. It's a bit disappointing that Milton is just outside the trajectory; it would have been nice to stay home and witness a total eclipse. Feel free to reach out to us at with any news tips, story ideas, or information you'd like to share. As a dedicated platform focused on advertising and curating news centered around MILTON, we welcome submissions related to businesses, news within the business sector, or inquiries about other people. Our goal is to assist you, whether you're interested in featuring your business or sharing relevant news.

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