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Students at Milton Elementary School are entitled to free dental examinations.

Every publicly financed primary school in the Halton Region, including those in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, and Halton Hills, will receive a free dental screening.

Registered dental hygienists from the Region Health Department conduct the annual screening to find children who require dental care, as required by the Ontario Public Health Standards.

Halton Region has informed us that the hygienist will quickly examine your child's mouth with a sterilised mirror. If there are any visible dental issues or recommendations for preventive care, parents will be informed.

A dental screening is merely a visual examination and does not take the place of your child's biannual appointment with a dentist.

Your kid's school will send you a letter or email to let you know if your child is in the grade that has been chosen for screening. The letter includes information on how to refuse the opportunity to be subjected to the disqualification process.

You do not need to wait for the school screening if your child needs dental care but you cannot afford it. Ask for the Oral Health Program by dialling 311.

By phoning 311, parents may also schedule a free tele-screening session with a public health hygienist to evaluate their child's dental health (and determine whether or not they are eligible for the Healthy Smiles Ontario programme).

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