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Waste removal pilot project coming to several hundred homes in Milton.

A region-wide pilot project in Halton aims to revolutionize waste collection by replacing traditional blue and grey bins with larger, wheeled carts that will be picked up on alternating weeks instead of weekly. The project will launch later this year and will be implemented in selected neighbourhoods in Milton, Halton Hills, Burlington, and Oakville. The pilot will last for one year and will include a representative sample of single-family households in both urban and rural areas of Halton. The initiative aims to make waste collection more efficient by reducing the number of staff on the pick-up trucks through automation. The different-sized wheeled carts will be collected using an automated lift system that includes an arm that can grab and lift the bins. The project is expected to reduce costs and increase the number of households served by daily collection. The wheeled carts will be delivered by early October and households will receive an information kit containing a collection calendar, list of acceptable materials, and instructions on how to place the carts for collection. Complimentary clear plastic bags for recyclable materials, compostable bags for green cart material, and garbage bag tags will also be provided.

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