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Attention to all members and affiliates of MQI Milton

We have an important update regarding our Jumma prayer timings due to the upcoming daylight saving time adjustment this November. It's imperative to stay informed about these changes to maintain the sanctity and consistency of your prayer practices.

We understand the importance of these gatherings in strengthening community bonds and spiritual growth. Therefore, we urge you to disseminate this new schedule among your network of friends and family. Ensuring that this information reaches all corners of our community will help everyone realign their schedules without missing a beat in their devotional routines.

Moreover, MQI Milton remains committed to being a resource for our community members. Should you require further clarification on the new prayer times or any other related matters, please do not hesitate to visit the MQI Milton office. Our doors are always open for guidance and support, or if you prefer, give us a call for any inquiries.

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