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August 28th to Monday, September 4th 2023, a minimum of 49 criminal incidents occurred.

The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) has unveiled its latest crime statistics report, alongside the newly introduced crime map.

Both the report and the map provide comprehensive information about the times and locations of reported crimes in Milton. During the period from Monday, August 28th to Monday, September 4th, at least 49 criminal incidents occurred.

Of these 49 cases, 14 were related to theft, three involved hit and run incidents, and two were break and enter cases.

Given the prevalence of theft and theft from vehicles, we'd like to echo HRPS's message, encouraging residents to implement the following theft prevention tips:

Ensure your unattended vehicle(s) are securely locked.

Never leave spare keys in your vehicle.

Remove valuables from plain view.

Equip your vehicle with an alarm system.

For a visual representation of these incidents, please refer to the map by clicking here.

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