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CN Rail Can Keep Building Intermodal Hub Despite Appeal

CN Rail can keep building the Intermodal Hub after an appeal.

According to the Canadian Press, construction will continue for now.

In March, the Federal Court of Canada ruled in favor of Milton and other Halton Municipalities. They said CN's plans for the truck-rail facility didn't protect people's health.

This ruling doesn't mean the project is approved yet. The final decision will come from the Federal Court of Appeal later.

In 2020, an Environmental Review Panel said CN's plan would harm people's health in Halton. It's the only project ever reviewed like this, and it's near many residents, a hospital, schools, and care homes.

To know more about what Halton Municipalities are doing to protect residents, click here. Disclaimer: The information presented in this news article has been gathered from local news sources. Please refer to the provided references for verification. Click Here

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