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Car crashes into pond, driver from Milton faces charges.

Vehicle is seen in a pond near Highway 410 just north of Brampton. Ontario Provincial Police photo.

Several charges have been brought against a Milton driver who struck a pond in Brampton.

The 29-year-old motorist slid off the road just after 3 a.m. this morning (Nov. 25) in Caledon, close to Highway 410 and Valleywood Blvd., just north of the Brampton boundary, according to Caledon OPP.

Around 3:21 a.m., emergency personnel from both Brampton and Caledon were summoned to the scene, where they discovered the car in the pond.

A Brampton Fire department told that "the water rescue crew investigated the pond and area around the automobile and an Ontario Provincial Police K9 dog checked the surrounding area." "There were no casualties, and the driver was found to be in his or her home safely. The automobile was hauled out of the water by tow trucks.

A Milton resident has since been charged with four violations of the Highway Traffic Act and has had his license suspended.

Police have not revealed the identify of the accused person.

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