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Four Milton parks set to receive upgrades and new features.

As Milton experiences rapid growth, the Town is committed to keeping up with the demand for local parks. The Town views parks as shared spaces for community members to exercise, socialize, and connect with nature, and therefore builds and upgrades parks with the community in mind.

The Town of Milton expands and enhances its park inventory each year through new park development and park redevelopment. This year, the Town is investing over $4.6 million in designing and building parks that offer a variety of possibilities.

Planning and developing a new park is a multi-year process that begins with park land designation in Milton’s Official Plan. Park development and redevelopment projects are prioritized through the Town’s 10-year parks budget forecast to ensure that parks continue to meet current standards and community needs. This may involve altering, repairing, or replacing park elements at the end of their useful life.

The design phase for park projects usually takes a year, during which Town staff work with stakeholders, agencies, and the community to develop the park design and obtain the necessary approvals and permits for construction. Construction typically takes place in subsequent years, subject to budget approval.

Currently, the Town of Milton is working on several parks, including the Walker Neighbourhood Park, Chris Hadfield Park, Baldwin Park, and Milton Community Park. These parks will offer new play areas, spray pads, shade shelters, multi-use courts, soccer fields, park pathways, parking lots, open grass areas, and site furniture and signage. Upgrades and improvements to existing parks include the addition of picnic and seating areas, new shade shelters, park pathways, and resurfaced parking areas.

For more information about Milton parks, visit the Town website.

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