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Join us for QAYAM-UL-LAYL at HICC Masjid with Muslim Association of Milton.

The Muslim Association of Milton is delighted to extend an invitation to the QAYAM-UL-LAYL, the night prayer that is held daily during the last ten days of Ramadan until the end of the month. This event is a significant part of the holy month of Ramadan, and it provides an opportunity for Muslims to engage in prayer and spiritual reflection during the night hours.

The QAYAM-UL-LAYL event will take place at the HICC Masjid, which is a beautiful and spacious mosque located in Milton. The mosque provides a peaceful and serene environment, which is ideal for prayer and contemplation. It is the perfect place for Muslims to come together and participate in this significant event.

The QAYAM-UL-LAYL is a special form of prayer that is performed during the night hours. It involves a long sequence of recitations and prostrations, and it is considered to be a highly rewarding act of worship. The prayer is performed in congregation, and it provides an excellent opportunity for Muslims to strengthen their bonds with one another and with their faith.

We would be honored if you could join us for the QAYAM-UL-LAYL event at the HICC Masjid. It is an excellent opportunity for Muslims to come together and engage in worship and spiritual reflection during the holy month of Ramadan. We look forward to seeing you there!

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