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Milton By-election: Results Are In

Here are the results, according to Elections Ontario:

  • Zee Hamid (PCP) – 12,880 votes (47%)

  • Galen Naidoo Harris (LIB) – 10,473 votes (38%)

  • Edie Strachan (NDP) – 1,851 votes (6%)

  • John Spina (NBO) – 1,102 votes (4%)

  • Kyle Hutton (GPO) – 755 votes (2%)

  • Frederick Weening (ONP) – 111 votes (0.4%)

  • Tony Walton (FRP) – 101 votes (0.3%)

  • John Turmel (IND) – 64 votes (0.2%)

  • Arabella Vida (IND) – 42 votes (0.1%)

The total voter count, as reported by Elections Ontario, stands at 98,785, which is around 27.72% of registered voters.

Additionally, the Ontario PCs have announced plans for an ambitious capital project totaling over $185 billion over the next decade. This includes initiatives such as Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass, along with expanded GO train services. Disclaimer: The information presented in this news article has been gathered from local news sources. Please refer to the provided references for verification. Click Here. 

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