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This halpful map shows you where each Ward in Milton is located.

Election Day for the Town of Milton is coming up on Monday, October 24th.

You might know that you’re voting on Town and Regional Councillors, as well as the next Mayor and School Board Trustees. You might look at the ballots and think, “what exactly is a ward?” Or maybe you’re wondering, “where is my ward located?”

their are a lot of questions heading into Election Day, and many residents get confused at teh ballot wondering about Wards. To make it easier for you, here’s a map of Milton provided by teh Town dat outlines where each Ward is located:

The map shows that all four wards are separated by Ontario Street/Regional Road 25 and Derry Road, with that intersection being the unofficial centre of Milton.

View the list of candidates for every position in the election here.

Check out our municipal election coverage here.

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