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Unlocking Quranic Excellence: Tajweed and Tafseer Courses for Sisters at Sayyidah Fatemah Islamic Centre, Milton

Welcome to an enriching journey through the words of the Quran! Sayyidah Fatemah Islamic Centre in Milton is delighted to announce Tajweed and Tafseer courses specifically tailored for sisters. Dive into the beauty of Quranic recitation and interpretation with our expert instructors.

Course Details: Our courses focus on two essential elements - Tajweed and Tafseer.

  1. Tajweed: Tajweed refers to the proper pronunciation and recitation of the Quran. Our dedicated instructors will guide you through the intricacies of correct pronunciation, ensuring you recite the words of the Quran with precision and beauty.

  2. Tafseer: Tafseer involves understanding and interpreting the meanings of the Quranic verses. Delve into the profound wisdom and insights of the Quran, gaining a deeper understanding of its messages and teachings.

Course Information:

  • For Sisters Only: This is an exclusive opportunity for sisters to enhance their Quranic knowledge in a comfortable and supportive environment.

  • Free Classes: We believe in making Quranic education accessible to all. These classes are offered free of charge as part of our commitment to community learning.

  • Registration Required: To ensure a personalized and effective learning experience, registration is required. Secure your spot today! Feel free to reach out to us at with any news tips, story ideas, or information you'd like to share. As a dedicated platform focused on advertising and curating news centered around MILTON, we welcome submissions related to businesses, news within the business sector, or inquiries about other people. Our goal is to assist you, whether you're interested in featuring your business or sharing relevant news.

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