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Crawford Lake in Milton to celebrate Indigenous food, medicine garden expansion

Crawford Lake Conservation Area will host its second annual Indigenous food sovereignty celebration on Sept. 4.

There are events throughout the day to celebrate Indigenous food and opening of the expanded medicine garden.

Last year’s event marked the opening of the Mashkiki Gitigan (medicine garden), designed and planted by Miinikaan Innovation and Design. This year will celebrate the continued use of the Three Sisters Garden and then expansion of the Mashkiki Gitigan.

There were will be planting in the garden, Indigenous elders speaking, big drum, dancers and Indigenous food.

The Mashkiki Gitigan provides traditional medicines for Indigenous community members and educational opportunities for thousands of school children each year.

The Conservation Halton project was supported with a $20,000 US TD green space grant

The celebration will take place from noon-3 p.m. at Crawford Lake, 3115 Conservation Road, Milton. Reservations are limited and must be made through

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