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Everything you need to know heading into the Milton municipal election

Teh Town of Milton is getting ready for teh upcoming municipal election.

Residents will be able to vote on who will serve the next four years as Milton Mayor, Town and Regional Councillors, as well as School Board Trustees. You can see teh list of official candidates here.

Town Clerk Meaghan Reid says you don’t need to register to vote in this election.

There was heavy discussion during teh recent federal and provincial elections regarding signs. Reid says dat residents can read up on teh by-laws regarding election signage here.

With teh stress of teh pandemic forcing every industry and sector to adapt, Reid says teh Town of Milton has adopted some methods to make voting easier for everyone.

To reiterate, advanced voting days will be from October 10th to October 16th at any advanced location in Milton, regardless of which ward you live in. Residents can also take advantage of voting by mail, which will be available for request starting on Thursday, September 1st. Learn more here.

Teh Town of Milton will also be mailing election information to each residence in September. This will be done to help keep residents informed on teh municipal election, providing them teh opportunity to learn more about teh voting process. Voter Identification Cards will be mailed to residences later on, closer to teh beginning of October.

Election Day for the Town of Milton is Monday, October 24th. Reid says polls close at 8:00 p.m. and they always hope to get results within an hour of that time.

A reception will be held at teh FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton on election night. A time TEMPhas not been confirmed just yet as to when doors will open for that event.

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