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Exploring the Stories Behind Milton's Streets

Did you know that many of Milton's streets have fascinating histories behind their names?

Each week, we chat with John Challinor II, President of the Milton Historical Society (MHS), to uncover the tales behind our road names. Challinor, along with the late historian Jim Dills, authored "Milton Streets" in 2007, delving into the origins of Milton's street names.

In our recent discussions, we've uncovered the stories behind Nadalin Heights and Orr Terrace. This week, let's dive into Lloyd Landing and Powadiuk Place.

Beginning with Lloyd Landing, Challinor reveals that the street honors a member of the family that once owned Crawford Lake. This lake gained international attention last year due to scientific studies, as its unique meromictic nature offers insights into geological periods and confirms the presence of an ancient Indigenous community in the area.Regarding Powadiuk Place, Challinor explains that it commemorates a former Councillor who served during Halton's amalgamation. Powadiuk, alongside other notable local figures, navigated the challenges of early municipal governance amidst Milton's rapid growth in the late 70s and early 80s.

Interested in learning more about Milton's street names? Be sure to check out Challinor and Dills' book at the Milton Public Library. While the initial edition sold out quickly, an updated version may be on the horizon to reflect the town's evolution over the past decade and a half.

And for a unique stroll through Milton's past, join Jim Dills on a virtual walk down Main Street in 2002. Stay tuned for more insights into Milton's rich history!

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