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Freezing rain expected in Milton this week.

Environment Canada has issued a Special Weather Statement.

The Statement is for February 9th, a Thursday. Residents can anticipate heavy rain, strong winds, and freezing rain, according to the national weather service. The Statement estimates between 15 and 25 cm of total precipitation, which could cause ice to accumulate on nearby roads. When you add that to winds with gusts of up to 80 km/h, your drive becomes quite hazardous.

Here is how Environment Canada has broken it down:

Thursday morning's weather could include a brief period of freezing rain before changing to rain. The risk of freezing rain seems to be greatest in areas with higher terrain. Showers will replace the rain by Thursday night. Thursday afternoon into early Thursday evening, strong southwesterly winds are predicted.

Roads and walkways that are icy and slippery may make travelling dangerous.

Tree branches may break or be toss around by strong winds. Utility outages may occur in isolated areas.

In locations with poor drainage, localized flooding could happen.

By Friday, things should be in order, and we anticipate a sunny weekend in Milton and the surrounding area.

Drive wisely and safely!

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