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Halton police video captures Mercedes in Milton neighbourhood not stopping for school bus.

A Milton woman is facing six demerit points and a $500 fine after a Halton Regional Police video captured a Mercedes drive past a stopped school bus, with stop sign out and lights activated, with kids getting onboard.

Halton police released the video this week and wanted to remind residents to slow down, watch and stop for school buses and use extra caution in community/school safety zones.

The video shows a Mercedes drive right past the stopped school bus in the area of Ontario Street North and Steeles Avenue. An adult can be seen accompanying at least one child on board the bus.

Halton police have already laid a handful of failing to stop for school bus charges as they continue to enforce Project Safe Start, a police back-to-school safety blitz in Halton neighbourhoods.

The incident left many people on social media upset, including school bus driver Martin van Schubert.

"I have a huge disdain for people running my lights, but other than trying to get a plate number, while watching the safety of my kids load/unload, not much I can do but hope all my kids arrive safe," he said.

Mom of three Sandi Matos said she sees aggressive driving around her children's school and said it's "so dangerous."

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