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Milton Baithak's First Anniversary Party Draws a Lot of People.

Milton Baithak celebrated its first anniversary with a gathering attended by several Miltonians, along with some notable town members. The founder of Phonex Group Umair Shirazi extended invitations to community leaders, including Regional Councilor Sameera from Ward 4 and Adil from Ward 3, who both graciously attended the event.

The highlight of the celebration was undoubtedly the delectable Daige Haleem, prepared live by the Milton Baithak. The entire event took place at 610 Mockright Terrace, Milton, a well-known Asian street in the area. The guest list included over 75 individuals, comprising both gentlemen and ladies.

A special thanks goes out to Usman kayani, who skillfully curated the Daigee Haleem experience for the party, making it the centerpiece of the event.

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