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Milton residents are being advised to take safety precautions due to coyote sightings in the area.

As the weather warms up and spring arrives in Milton, residents are being reminded of how to coexist with the coyotes that inhabit many of the wooded areas within and around the town.

Reports of a recent coyote attack on a wild animal in the Wilmot neighborhood, near Milton District Hospital, have been circulating on However, a spokesperson for the town, Rob Faulkner, has stated that they do not have any information on this particular incident.

The town does not collect data on coyote sightings, and residents are advised to report such incidents to the federal not-for-profit organization Coyote Watch Canada.

Last summer and fall, there were several sightings of coyotes in the region, and a number of attacks on humans in Burlington. While coyotes generally avoid people, they are wild animals and contact should be avoided. Most negative coyote interactions are preventable.

To discourage coyotes from entering their property, residents are advised to never feed them or leave food out for them. They should also store garbage, compost, and pet food in a place that coyotes cannot access, and supervise animals when they are in the yard. Cats should not be allowed to roam freely, and residents should clean up after their dogs, as coyotes are attracted to dog feces.

If encountering a coyote on their property or while out for a walk, residents should practice hazing to let the coyote know they are not welcome. They should appear aggressive, stand tall, wave their arms, shout, clap their hands, and make a lot of noise. Pets should be kept attended and on a leash, and residents should not turn their backs on, or run from, a coyote. If there are pups in the area or if the coyote is not easily frightened away, residents should keep their dog on a short leash, pick up small pets and children, and back away from the area.

Residents are also advised not to leave food waste in park garbage, as this may attract rodents and coyotes. If they see a coyote or a sick or injured animal on public property, they should contact Coyote Watch Canada. to report it.

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