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More than 700 new homes by Mattamy planned for Milton subdivision.

During next week's Town of Milton council meeting, it is expected that a new major subdivision will be approved. Mattamy Homes has submitted a proposal to construct 705 residential units on a 52-hectare lot located southwest of Louis St. Laurent Ave. and Fourth Line. The proposed development includes 572 detached homes, 133 townhomes, three future medium-density residential condominium blocks, an open space block, two stormwater management ponds, delineation of the natural heritage system (watercourse and woodlot blocks and environmental buffers), a trail system, various servicing and reserve blocks, and an internal road network.

According to the staff report, all internal departments of the Town of Milton and responding external agencies have expressed support for the application. They have also provided the necessary conditions of draft plan approval for the Town to consider the application's approval. The report's conclusion stated that the staff is satisfied that the plan conforms to Provincial, Regional, and Town planning policies and Conservation Halton regulations and achieves acceptable engineering and design standards.

Additionally, the proposed development includes a designated spot for a new Catholic elementary school.

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