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Sayyidah Fatemah Islamic Centre Milton.

Allahumdulilah, today the Sayyidah Fatima SA Islamic Center had an open house at St Kateri Secondary School for our Friday Islamic school.

It was a fantastic event, and many families came with their kids, registering them for our Friday School. We offer classes from Kindergarten to Grade 12, covering Islamic Studies, Hadith and history, and Sister Fiqh and Tafseer classes.

Please spread the word about our Islamic school to your family and friends, and encourage them to join. A big thanks to our community, especially Sameera Ali, Councillor Adil Khalqi, Syed Raza Bashir, Mahmood Mian, and Amjad Malik.

A special shoutout to our volunteers who dedicated their time to help with the school.

JazakAllah to everyone who participated, and may Allah make our school even more successful.

Sayyediah Fatima SA Islamic Center team.

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