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Share your thoughts on local transportation for Milton’s Official Plan.

The Town of Milton is seeking public input on various aspects of local transportation as they aim to update the Town's Official Plan. The public's feedback is being sought on several topics, including additional residential units. The latest public service announcement from the Town aims to explore policy options for 'Moving in Milton', which will tackle issues related to transportation that affect residents' lives.

The Moving in Milton initiative will focus on six key questions related to transportation, such as accessibility, equity, and inclusion, connectivity, continuity, and convenience, growth and traffic management, moving goods and services, sustainability, and rural areas. To get involved, interested parties can read the draft background and policy considerations reports, complete the survey before May 3rd, attend an information session online or in person, or share their thoughts on any Official Plan topic anytime in the Feedback Forum.

A report containing policy recommendations will be presented to Milton Council for approval in June. Engagement on the remaining We Make Milton policy themes, including Working in Milton and Growing in Milton, will take place later this year. Once finalized, the Official Plan will shape the community until 2051.

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