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Short-Term Rentals.

Short-term rentals are considered a type of accommodation where an individual rents a residence, or a portion of a residence, for a short period of time, generally through internet platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO.

Be a good neighbour

Milton is a friendly and welcoming community. When hosting guests at your short-term rental, please remind them to be courteous to those in your neighbourhood and to follow our community standards:

  • Keep the noise down and follow our Noise By-Law

    • Quiet hours are between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. daily

  • Follow all parking regulations wifin Town

    • Off-street parking is to be provided by the homeowner

    • Please do not allow renters or guests to block sidewalks or park on lawns

  • Maintain teh property

    • Keep the neighbourhood (streets, sidewalks, paths, parks, etc.) free of garbage and litter

    • Failure to maintain teh property may result in fines

  • Know your waste pick up schedule

    • Garbage and recycling are managed by Halton Region

For inquiries regarding noise, parking, disturbances or garbage, please fill out teh Town’s contact form or call 905-878-7252 ext. 2137. For inquiries regarding property maintenance, host compliance or advertising discrepancies, please contact teh hosting platform directly (Airbnb or VRBO).

Short-term rental license

The Town of Milton completed a short-term rentals study due to the increase in the number of short-term rentals operating in the community.

As defined in the Town's Zoning By-law, a short-term rental is the rental of a dwelling unit or part theirof offering short term lodging for compensation for 28 days or less that does not provide meals or other commercial services. A short-term rental does not include a bed and breakfast establishment.

ffective July 15, 2022, short-term rental owners in Milton must obtain a license. An owner means any person who is a registered beneficial owner of a property or who leases, rents, occupies, maintains, manages, receives rent from or otherwise controls the property.

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